Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Night of Spring

And it's still really cold outside. :( But it's going to warm up really soon!

I haven't posted in AGES (5 days) so I'm here to update you on my art-doings.

First off, I've decided on what my promo keychains are going to look like. They're inspired by my new severe obsession with eyeballs with wings/hats/legs. I'm going to draw a million of them and color them and post them here. Hooray!

Second off, I had to make a comic for Andy Fish's comic class at Emerson. We had an hour to illustrate a girl playing basketball and getting shot by a vengeful deer. This is my translation. Yay for graphic violence!
Third off, this is the beginning to my new NEW promo postcard. It's just in the inked stage, but it'll be really cool when it's done! I promise!

Look out for new stuff soon! I finished my fourth degree project piece as well and will have that posted up very soon.



Lindsay said...

I'm scared because that girl looks SUSPICIOUSLY like me.

Allison Bamcat said...

Nooooooo!! I promise it's not you!
You don't play basketball. :P

Alison Undercover said...

you managed to make murder absolutely adorable. GENIUS hilariosness. love it.

Veronica said...

Love the comic!!!