Thursday, March 5, 2009

A couple of new pieces. <3

My 3rd degree project piece.

Some Pop Tarts. (Lindsay's making a toaster!)

A little girl in a raincoat. <3 I used a technique Bob Maloney, my experimental illustration teacher where you paint on a bunch of layers of paint over a gessoed surface and then sandpaper some parts off.

Stephen and I got all the entries together today for the Illustration All School Show. We got hundreds of entries, and everything went really smoothly. I just have to upload the rest of the digital files tomorrow morning for Veronica to judge the pieces. Then Brian Butler and Shawn Morris are coming tomorrow to see things! I have Brian's artwork, and I refuse to give it back!

Today, I had a long talk with my former teacher, Suzanne Barnes. We talked about my Degree Project, and about all the shittyness that life has to offer, and how to get through it. She was really supportive, and we shared a few laughs, and now I have renewed love for my degree project.

I'm feeling better about things. One thing at a time.

Oh! And I got like, 13 free frames from Blick, just because they were a bit scratched up and didn't have glass. But yay! Those frames were $43 apiece before. :) So yay!


Jared said...

Honey! That new degree project piece of yours is REALLY AWESOME. It was cool when you told me about it, but actually seeing it is a wholly different thing-- WICKED work!

Veronica said...

Awesome clown piece :D