Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's up, dawn.

I'm awake and it's LATE.

"Too Many Puppies" by Primus just came on, and when you're deliriously tired, it's impossible to handle that song. It's ridiculous.


I finished 3 more pieces for my Experimental Illustration class last night, and then the gods bestowed upon me a snow day to get my work done. Today, I spent 2 hours on a color comp for NEAFA (my doggy picture), and then I spent TEN HOURS working on my last snowboard for Flow. So now both of mine are done (though I despise the bases on both of them), and I can just focus on finishing my puppy picture.

Also, last night, when I should have been doing something constructive, I drew a whole slew of Alice in Wonderland characters all super-cutesy. Sometimes you just need to draw something easy to make yourself like art again.

I have to make new flyers for the All School Show Submissions tomorrow - look out for them! Updated information! Sorry if they were confusing before.

I'm going up to Maine for 4 days this weekend to visit Jared. It'll be a wonderful break from my mess of a life. We sat on the phone tonight and both yelled at our computers together. I get to meet his mum and his stepdad. :)

Okay, really though, time for bed. Night!

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