Monday, September 29, 2008

So yeah.

School is already making me crazy.
I feel like I have ZERO free time. As in, every day I wake up early and either go to class, go to work, or go to the studio, only to return home around 11 or midnight each night from either being at work or at the studio. Every freaking day. It's EXHAUSTING.

Though I did finish my clown doll prototype of Koko the clown. I was going to do my entire Degree Project in 3D, but upon seeing how much of a pain in the ass just one doll was, I'm probably going to stick with 2D. I think it's more consistent with my style, anyways. I'd rather make something for my portfolio that's refined and shows off my skills instead of something that's poorly constructed that I had to learn to make.

Either way, yeah, school's driving me pretty much insane. I didn't get to visit my boyfriend this weekend (for those who don't know, he broke his femur a couple of weeks ago, and he's stuck at home), so I was really sad. I mean, it was payday, so I COULD have gone to see him, but I didn't have any time between making that doll and going to work and doing other homework/homework prep and going to a sudden meeting with my surgeon on Friday. Speaking of: I'm getting surgery in the next month to get my cyst on my hand removed! Yay! I'll never have pain in my wrist or have to wear a stupid arm brace again!!! I'm so excited!!

I'm very tired - and I have to get up early to do some work (and hopefully laundry?), so goodnight.


Lindsay said...

Your doll looks so snuggly!

I'm sorry you weren't able to see your boyfriend this weekend, I understand how you feel. I've been having such a hard time concentrating on my school work because of an outside animation deal that may or may not happen. I've basically been working like crazy on that and having no drive for school. D: I've been getting this crazy fever on and off.
I hope things go better for you! I will see your pretty face on tuesday afternoon.


Allison Bamcat said...

Hang in there, tiger!
I heard that this so-called animation deal has something to do with Cartoon Network?? Tell me things! :D

ben. said...

He looks AWESOME! Great Job! And yeah I'm already feeling crazy from school too, don't worry.

Allison Bamcat said...

Haha, thanks!
We'll get through it somehow. We did it last year.