Saturday, September 20, 2008


I bought a small, 4" x 6" sketchbook from Blick today. With my discount, it was about $3.50.

What is insteresting in this, is that I haven't used a hardbound sketchbook with a spine since I was about 13. I've always had spiral-bound sketchbooks, in every shape and size I can find. I can't stand not being able to work a certain size/shape without a specific boundary to work by, and for some reason, measuring out my own boundaries just doesn't do it for me. I'm a very "one sketch per page" kinda person, and have spiral bound rings lets me flatten the whole book out to only look at one page. Now I'm back to looking at one page and the back of another page.

It doesn't sound that important - but, believe me - it is. It's almost terrifying.


Anyways, wish me luck in my new baby sketchbook. I bought some Black Magic ink and some new nibs and I'm hopefully gonna try it out on the train tomorrow (to see my poor boyfriend with a broken hip). Bye!

PS: It's very cold out now, all of a sudden. My Californian blood still can't handle less than 70 degrees.

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