Thursday, September 18, 2008


I now have a glob.
I hate the word "blog," so this will henceforth be referred to as my "glob." At least then it sounds like a disease or a deformity or something strange instead of sounding like a booger.

First posts mean a lot of catching up to do!

I'll start with saying I'm an Illustration senior this year, which is truly terrifying. I have to be a BIG PEOPLE next year, so I'm working my ass off networking and creating art every free second I have to try to build up my portfolio. I'm trying to learn everyones' names, along with trying to build relationships with other artists and get as much feedback on my art as possible.
I've decided that I want to fill my portfolio with images that truly make me happy and truly showcase my talent. I have a background in photorealism that has since turned into severe cartooning and stylizing in my work. I've worked a long time working from observation, and now I'm learning to draw from my head. (It's a balance, though - both are so important.)

I finally feel really excited about my work. I'll ditch hanging out in the afternoon if I have a great idea for a painting, and I'll work on little odd pieces as breaks between bigger assignments as a way to keep creating - keep my hands busy. All of my teachers this semester are really pushing me forward, I think. I have a couple of younger teachers (shout out to Roosh and Fish) who are focused on making sure myself and my classmates have knowledge about the business of illustration as well as the capacity to create works that are coherent, can follow a theme and are examples of jobs we'd get in the "real world."
I've been doing freelance work since I was 13 - I didn't have the sense to start making contracts until this year (live and learn). But I've been meeting people and getting opportunities to meet other people the past few months, and hopefully I'll start getting my work published soon. That would be pissa!

Anyways, I've gone on far too long. Welcome to my glob. Enjoy my first finished piece of the month!
Love, Bamcat.

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