Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unicorns for the Unicorn Gallery in Camden, London

My Little Pony and Unico, Ink with Digital Color, 12" x 16"

Just finished this bad boy! Printing it tonight with the help of Alex Carlson and her beautifully convenient Epson printer, then mounting it onto wood (using Kathy Weller's awesome tutorial) to ship off to the Unicorn Gallery in London!

This will be my very first international group show, so I'm really excited!

Speaking of shows, I've been attending a TON of openings lately:
-New skull show at the Ars Moriendi Project last Monday, Jordan Pantiedosi and friends at the Yes, Oui, Si gallery near the MFA (used to be the old Rice Bowl Gallery), my own show at The Estate last week (pictures to come!), a gallery show this Thursday featuring Karl Stevens, and another show on Friday featuring several of my favorite artists, including Raul Gonzalez.

I'm also preparing for a skate deck show, a t-shirt collaboration, developing my first line of toys, painting another skull for the Ars Moriendi Project, random interviews, a talk at MassArt, and a super secret endeavor involving the Paint Pens in Purses ladies!

And just as a last thought - here are some other funky colorways I'd played around with after finishing this piece. When you use Illustrator every single day at work, Photoshop turns into a magical no-limitations breath of fresh air for effects!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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