Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Raw Artists : Boston showcase

Piggy and These Ghosts They Know Me just hanging out at the Activate show!

I was lucky enough to be picked for Raw Boston's Activate show that took place on the 9th at the Estate Theater in Boston. Along with several other painters, photographers, fashion designers, performers, violin players, latex-clad models and hair models, I hung 10 of my proudest pieces (several of them unveiled for the first time) in what I referred to as the "Rainbow Corner" of The Estate.

Good thing I brought a ton of business cards.
And note to self : 100 stickers will move more quickly than you think!

I also participated in my first photoshoot ever! And I did a video interview for the first time as well. I was really nervous, but somehow I didn't word vomit at all during the interview. I feel like I represented myself well, and the photographer was happy to see I wasn't afraid to kick my feet up!

"Oh, I didn't see you there, come in."
Photography ©Greg Caparell

Artwork ©Bamcat Art
Photography ©Greg Caparell

In my life, I surround myself with many other talented people : some models, musicians, singers, DJ's, and many other fabulous people. As a visual artist, I'm accustomed to fading into the background and letting my work speak for itself, generally. I'm used to taking the pictures, not being in them, so to speak. So to have the spotlight for an evening made me feel like a rock star!! I felt beautiful and incredibly proud of my work and strong as an artist. Having so many of my friends and family at the event only made it even more special for me.

One of the musicians on stage. The crowd was HUGE - over 700 people on two floors!

friends and family : Rikard my fiancé, my Mum, Shteppé, Rik, and Britteny and Kris from Oilhead.

It was really a lovely time. I'll be sure to share my video interview once it's posted. :)

Peace out!!