Thursday, October 13, 2011

New painting and header!

Mr. Cupcake, 16" x 20" acryla gouache on canvas


Finished this guy up last night! I'm really digging him! I started this painting a couple of months ago and became frustrated painting on canvas. I'm used to working on super-smooth surfaces with my paints, so it was difficult to use all these fine-tipped 00 brushes on such a toothy surface.

But I fell in love with again this week and vowed to finish it in between work and kickboxing and shipping and printing and working on all my other projects. I'm really happy with it - it was worth it to give it the time it deserved. :)

Also, new header! New products to come! And I'm looking forward to a marketing/branding seminar next week to learn more about my audience and the skills I need to create my own brand. Very excited!

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