Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tat2 drawrings

Slaying Samurai, 12" x 17" Acryla Gouache

Hey there, here's a few tattoo illustrations I recently completed for a book coming out by Thunder Bay Press. The book will be published with all of the process work leading up to finish, so it's bound to be an amazing book! One of my most favorite artists/MassArt faculty members Mister Reusch will also have work in the book! I'm so thrilled to get to have work in the same place as his. I'll post a new one every couple of days, along with some other work I've been doing currently.

It's been busy busy lately! The warmer weather inspires me to do more paintings! It's easier to hold a paint brush steady when it's not frozen to your numb, shaking hands. Hooray for winter being over!! I will not miss you, winter.

Also, I approaced MC Frontalot about possibly doing some artwork... He encouraged me to make some fanart and see how it goes. ALSO thrilled as heck about that.

Updates soon!