Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hey there, kidlings. I've been very busy lately! I moved into my new apartment in Jamaica Plain (with lots of help from the Jared) and am now officially set up for living. So expect new work from me! I'm currently working on a painting with cat ghosts and cookies and whatnot. Also, to further exemplify my nerd-dom, I officially have two monitors running side by side, a 15" and a 23" to do my work on. Ooh yeah.

Also! I have a new Pheonix sub-cover (the big story cover on the inside) coming out this Wednesday, so if you're anywhere in the northeastern area, pick up a copy!

Aside from that, I'm revamping my entire portfolio and getting myself in check. Professional time = now.

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Jared said...

Oh I forgot to ask! This subcover isn't running in Portland or Providence, is it? OR IS IT? If not, could you pick up an extra copy of the Boston paper when it comes out? Pweeeaze? <3