Monday, August 3, 2009

Bikes Not Bombs and Pet Monsters!

Hey there,

I had a busy birthday week! Thanks to everyone who came to visit for my birthday (especially those from out of state) and to everyone who sent me warm wishes. I had a great time, and I love having a birthday in the summertime.

Updates! This Friday night is the opening of my Pet Monsters show at the new Trilogy building in Fenway. It's going to be sweet, and we're being sponsored by Karmaloop, PBR, and a lot of other companies, so this should be pretty swank! I'm really looking forward to being in a show with so many talented ladies. I'll have to put on some lady clothes that evening. If you're interested in attending, please send your rsvp to

I've also been working with Bikes Not Bombs out of Jamaica Plain and helping design invitations for their big 25th Anniversary party. I had no idea how much BNB has contributed to the community along with other nations and the army, sending bikes to those in need of a form of transportation. They rule! And they know how to fix up bikes like no tomorrow, so support your local bike repair shop and youth program here.

Thanks for looking! More updates and new paintings soon!
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