Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy Busy!!

Getting so many projects underway!

I recently had my work at the Hourglass Tattoo Shop in a group show with Paint Pens in Purses. We're a group of all-female illustrators, and PPIP was premiering their book! I had so much fun making pieces for that show! (Shown above : new piece for show, "The Gogo Fluff Deity," Acryla Gouache on antique panel, 9" x 12")

My VERY talented friend Corey Norman is going to help me build my portfolio website! I've really been needing one! He and his wife are allowing me to compensate them in paintings of cupcakes. :)

I recently switched teams at work, so I've moved from Kids-exclusive products to all across the board now. I'll be focusing on our in-store customization graphics as well as accounts such as Journey's and Nordstrom. I'll also be working very closely with DC Comics for our collaborations, and I had a great time at their offices in L.A. a couple months ago.

Online shop coming soon! Custom toys available around the holidays! Looking forward to great things!


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Beautiful work.

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