Saturday, July 3, 2010

Return of the Jellofish

Jellofish & The Legend of the Pirate Rabbits, 18" x 24" Digital

Color study for my "Jellofish & The Legend of the Pirate Rabbits" painting I'm working on. It's going to be 18" x 24" when it's finished, a size I don't work at normally. I've been working on painting larger lately.

Lucky Cat Ghosts, 12" x 24" Acryla Gouache

ALSO ALSO ALSO Please look in this upcoming week's Weekly Dig for an illustration of mine. It should be the big spread in the middle of the magazine.



Kate McElroy said...

I always loved the red cats. :) I like the contrast on the jellofish too. Are you going to make the paint transparent like that, or is that just a result of the digital color study... or will I just have to wait and see? ;D

Also congrats on getting all this great illustration work lately!

Allison Bamcat said...

Hey lady! I definitely want to keep the paint as transparent as possible - I'm working on the background first for a change and filling in from there.

Let's have a drawing party soon!

Alison Undercover said...

I love Jellofish! And Pirate rabbits sure are cute! Great piece Allison.

Brenton "Bear" Barnes said...

I'm really happy you decided to light the jellyfish as if they were deep under water and gave them a slight glowing effect too. I just couldn't see these guys being lit by daylight, I'm assuming you're using gouache with this as well?

As for those lucky cat ghosts, they're pretty cool too. I can't wait to see what they look like printed.

Gregery Miller said...

I love both of these illustrations! Very children's booky. well done :)