Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jellofish + Ghost Bunny Pirates

Jellofish & The Legend of the Pirate Rabbits, 11" x 14" Pencil

Basically my most brilliant drawing ever. I'm going to turn it into a big painting - still considering whether or not I want it to be lit by daylight or have everything glowing like at the deep depths of the ocean. Opinions?

Aside from that, I have work in the Boston Phoenix this week! 10 illustrations - my largest editorial endeavor so far. Also, if you read the "Failure" comic strip by the incredible Karl Stevens, I totally took the picture of him with the geese in this week's issue. Look at his amazing shit! He has a show coming up this month at the Carroll and Sons gallery in South Boston.

Wilnar, 4" x 5" Ballpoint Pen

Also, another little sketch that I did this week - soon to be another painting. I'm feeling inundated by freelancing and need to keep creating my own pieces to stay sane. It's what keeps me breathing during rough weeks like these.

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