Friday, May 7, 2010

Heroes and Villains: The Return of Ku*Chi*Ku

Ku*Chi*Ku bust

Ku*Chi*Ku VS Giant Vampire Octopus

Howdy. Recently, my favorite gallery, Space 242 has opened up a call to artists for a heroes/villains theme. With this, I've decided to revive my character from last year: Ku*Chi*Ku - Pretty Girl Space Lady. She's adorable and has a giant hammer and wears a space suit. I really wasn't thrilled at how some of my concepts for her came out - I had been very rushed last year when I had to make 4 pieces with her in them, and I'd redo at least 2 of them if I was able to. So I've decided to make some new pieces starring her to improve my portfolio and to fit the gallery theme.

So here are a couple of sketches I've done of her. I'm excited to see how these transform and what will actually end up as a base for a finish. I need to remember: BACKGROUNDS BACKGROUNDS BACKGROUNDS.

Also: Here's the final linework I've created for my last tattoo for the tattoo book. I was going for a Dia De Los Muertos theme - I'm hoping to bring that out in the colors with a lot of reds, warm yellows, light blue, and darker tones.

Thanks for looking!


Veronica said...

KuChiKu is the best name ever

Can't wait to see the skull piece finished!

Kate McElroy said...

Yes! Totally psyched to see more. :D Also love the continued tattoo designs!