Sunday, September 13, 2009

Better ____ Best

Part of a small series of 4 6" x 8" paintings I'm working on, focusing on female characters and the phrases "Better Went Best," "Better Meant Best," "Better Said Best," and "Better Knew Best." To come: mopey portrait of myself.

I'm really digging the color scheme in this one, as it's bright like the rest of my work, but more strange colors I wouldn't normally use. I also wanted to experiment with just drawing onto a board and creating the painting from there, as opposed to using transfers to paint sketches I've already created.

Along with that, I wanted to showcase my knowledge of anatomy with exaggerated features. I wanted to show my understanding of light and value with only paint, and I feel really strongly about this piece and my use of text as an element. More to come from this line (including a portrait of Alex Carlson).


Alison Undercover said...

This is AWESOME! I can't wait to see the series. It's so creepy and unsettling.

Veronica said...