Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainy Drainy Spring Update

Things have been very busy the last few months: Working on an album sleeve for my friend's band, an accessory line for a local clothing company, and I'm in the beginning stages of creating a new body of work centered around "girl culture." It's my first series with any kind of real statement, so I'm excited.

Waiting on some custom laser-cut MDF to come in the mail! Wahhh so excited to see it! Painting on wood is just so aesthetically pleasing to me. <3

But surely I won't leave this post empty-handed. I'm working on a piece for a video-game themed show in London currently, and part of the profits fund Autism research. As well as the show pieces, the other artists and I have agreed to create a separate poster featuring a video game character! I chose Pikachu! For my final piece, I'm going to paint Wario!

Also, I designed the extra details on these sweet-as-sugar girls shoes, so you should buy them for the creative little ladies you know.

Also, can we just talk about how AWESOME blogspot is now? Uploading pictures and posts was a pain in the ass - so happy they got with the picture and created a multiple upload option. Sweeeeet!

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