Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book launch: Siegfried Goes to the Hospital

I recently launched my first children's book: Siegfried Goes to the Hospital. This is a sequel to the original book, a story of Siegfried the dinosaur having to take his first trip to the hospital to investigate a tummy-ache. Turns out, he'd eaten too much junk food! So let that be a lesson to you. Siegfried had to learn it the hard way. But in doing so, he inspired many children at the UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.

Cookie reading the book

Signing copies of the book with Cookie Nelson, the author

This was such a wonderful experience for me. Regardless of the many personal problems I had throughout the process (I was sleeeping on a couch for a month due to a tumultuous roommate situation), I always remembered that this was an opportunity for sick children who deserved comfort and fun through their imaginations.

It really brings things into perspective when you have to put aside your problems to recognize so many hardships that children go through during hospital visits. These little warriors deserve more recognition that I can give. Thank you, to all the kids who inspired me and to all who showed up at the book launch.

Thank you Siegfried. You became a big outlet for me in my life.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project. This includes all who helped make this happen and made the opening a huge success.

And, most importantly to me, thank you Andy Fish. This book wouldn't have existed without you. Thank you for everything.

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