Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carousel Clown Horse

Drawing I did tonight. I’m off to transfer it to heavyweight bristol to paint it.

I want to do a series! I’m seeing a candy/ice cream horse and a Chinese dragon that has a looong body and two poles! It’s so fun to create elaborate drawings. I feel the patience and concentration my job demands allows me to think through my drawings better and get better results from that.

I've been working hard at Converse, and I've been working on several designs for my friend Britteny's band Oilhead. I'm looking forward to creating their cd booklet for their first album!

Other than that, my children's book is premiering soon! More details on the book launch soon! (It's April 7th at the UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester!)

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Dennis Cornetta said...

Good to see you updating again :)